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Anti-69 Program – March 23-24, 2019

Please check back for updates. Room information coming soon.

Richcraft Hall, Carleton University
On the unceded territories of the Algonquin nation.

**Please help us to make Anti-69 a scent-free environment by not wearing fragrances or using scented products**
See the accessibility statement.

Saturday March 23

12:00pm - Registration - Room: Richcraft Hall Atrium

12:45-1:45pm - Symposium Opening
Room: Richcraft Hall Atrium

  • Welcomes
  • Gary Kinsman, "1969 101: A Brief Introduction to Forum Themes"
1:45-2:00pm - Break

2:00pm-4:00pm - Plenary: Critiques of the Just Society
Room: Richcraft Hall Atrium
Chair: Suzanne Lenon

  • Laura Hall, "White Settler Homonationalism and the Roots of Heterosexist Patriarchy"
  • Christo Aivalis, "P.E. Trudeau, the Just Society, and Attacks on Workers' Rights"
  • R. Cassandra Lord, "Disturbing Trudeau's 'Just Society': Tracking the Demarcations of Sexuality & Race in Canadian State Policies"
  • Danielle Normandeau, "Disability and Resistance: Intersections of Disability in the 1969 Criminal Code Reform"
  • Rinaldo Walcott, "The Black 1960s: Black Life after Sir George Williams & Other Stories of the Nation"
  • Punam Khosla, "A Debonair Deception: The Racist, Sexist, Heteronormative Violence of Nascent Canadian Neoliberalism"
4:00-4:15pm - Break

4:15-5:30pm Panels:

-Early Activism and We Demand
Room: 2228
Chair: Valerie Korinek

  • Gary Kinsman, "Organizing from Below for Law Reform in the 1960s"
  • Cheri DiNovo, "My Life in the Early 1970s: Feminism, Gay Liberation, and 'We Demand'"
  • Paul Macdonald, "My Involvement in Gay Liberation: From London to Toronto"

-Sex Work
Room: 2224
Chair: Dan Irving

  • Jenn Clamen, "Criminal Code Reform: A Long & Repetitive Story of Sex Workers Being Left Behind"
  • Jamie Magnusson, "Queer/Trans Sex Worker Organizing"

8:00pm - Film Screening of Forbidden Love
Location: SAW Video's Knot Gallery
Tickets required, click here to register
See Film and Video Program for more info

Sunday March 24

9:00-9:30am - Coffee and Pastries
Richcraft Hall Atrium

9:30-10:45am - Panel: Reproductive Justice
Room: Richcraft Hall Atrium
Chair: Sarah Rodiman

  • Judy Rebick, “The Omnibus Bill on Abortion: Sabotage or a Step Forward?” (presented by Sarah Rodiman)
  • Christabelle Sethna, “Seeing Red: The RCMP, the Abortion Caravan and the Omnibus Bill”
  • Shannon Stettner, “The 1969 Omnibus Bill & Forced Reproductive Labour”
  • Jula Hughes, “Abortion Law in the Rear View Mirror”
10:45-11:00am - Break
11:00am-12:15pm - Panels:

-Law and the 1969 Reforms
Room: 2224
Chair: Jula Hughes

  • Robert Leckey, “Criminal Family Law”
  • Karen Pearlston, "'Imagine My Surprise': Notes on Lesbian Legal History”
  • Matthew Waites, “Who was Criminalised and Who was Decriminalised? Re-Assessing the British Empire’s Criminalisation of Same-Sex Sexualities and Non-Binary Genders”

-Activism Then and Now
Room: 2228
Chair: Patrizia Gentile

  • Jamie Ross, “Pour un Front gay à Montreal: Fomenting Psychedelic Gay Radicalism in Rock and Roll Publication, Main Mise
  • Rebecca Rose, “Before the Parade: Early Gay/Lesbian Liberation Organizing in Halifax”
  • Cameron Aiken, “Addressing the ‘69 Reform: An Organizational Approach to Institutionalized Homophobia & Transphobia in Canadian Institutions”
  • Leon Laidlaw, “State Violence in Times of ‘Gender Equality’: Examining the Case of Trans Prisoners”

12:15-1:15pm - Lunch
Richcraft Hall Atrium

1:15-2:30pm - Panels:

-Interrogating Queer Activist Histories
Room: 2228
Chair: Punam Khosla

  • Kai Rajala, “Searching for Solidarities between Gay Liberation & Indigenous Struggles for Self-Determination in 1970s ‘Canada’”
  • Amy Verhaeghe, “Rethinking ‘Progressive’ Reform: The Racialization & Canada’s 1969 Partial Decriminalization of Anal Sex”
  • Beverly Bain, “A ‘New’ War on Queers”: Pride Toronto, the State, & Dissident Queers

-Was 69 a Turning Point?
Room: 2224
Chair: Chris Bruckert

  • Tom Hooper & Tim McCaskell, “Condom or Viagra: Did 1969 Recriminalize Homosexuality in Canada or did it Galvanize a Movement?”
  • Christine Sismondo, “Taverns and Tabloids: Tracking Changing Conversations and Tone from 1950-1981."
2:30-2:45pm - Break
2:45-4:00pm - Panels:

-Settler Colonialism, Homonationalism, and the Apology
Room: 2228
Chair: Beverly Bain

  • Emma Posca, “The Relation between the ‘69 Reform & the White Paper”
  • Suzanne Lenon, “Intersectionality as Diversity and the Politics of Queer Settler Remembering”
  • OmiSoore H. Dryden, “Black Queer Radical Thought in the UnJust Society”

-Sex, Crime & the Law
Room: 2224
Chair: Maggie FitzGerald

  • Angela Chaisson, “Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images: What Have We Learned from Canada’s Revenge Porn Laws?”
  • Lara Karaian, “Public Porn and Intimacy: Thinking Beyond the Bedrooms of the Nation”
  • Marcus McCann, “Are There Any Bad Sex Laws? Legal Analysis in the Absence of a Sex-Positive Frame”
4:00-4:15pm - Break

4:15-5:30pm - Closing Plenary

Beyond Anti-69
Room: Richcraft Hall Atrium
Chair: Alexis Shotwell


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